Site: Phoenix, Arizona


Session: “Rodadora: How a Museum Can Drive Change by Bringing Together a Community”

Presenters: La Rodadora Museo Interactivo, Sietecolores


In this session, we presented one of our projects—La Rodadora in Ciudad Juárez—as a success story of how a museum can transform a community in its search for peace through a participatory focus, where people from the community became active agents in the museum’s construction and continue to be so.


“Cross-cultural Exhibition Development: Lessons from an Early Childhood Zone”

Journal: Exhibition (A Journal of Exhibition Theory and Practice for Museum Professionals) from the American Alliance of Museums (AAM)

Publication Date: Spring 2019

Authors: Set Solís Adame, Isabel Diez Uriarte, Guillermo Loza Trejo

In this article, we presented a look into the design, fabrication and installation processes of the “Early Childhood Zone” at the Kind Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), in Saudi Arabia, which we created at Sietecolores. In the piece we analyze the lessons learned from designing a space for a culture different than our own.