Our Services

We are experts in the conceptualization and holistic development of projects and museums where audiences can entertain themselves and above all, learn.

When developing a new project or concept, we try to understand the client’s vision in depth and seek to transform it into a viable educational and cultural space.

  • We advise our clients in the development of new spaces.
  • We ensure that the exhibition content is relevant and meets visitors’ expectations.
  • We guarantee a surprising experience, entertaining, relevant and educational experience .
  • We help our clients overcome any challenges that may arise during the course of the project.

By implementing these five stages we can ensure that predefined objectives are reached and that the integral project management is successful. Benefits include cost efficiency and effectiveness, budget control, communication, flexibility, investment control, and productivity.

Stage 1. Conceptual proposal

We define the type of project, we integrate the theme and preliminary sketches for an initial visualization of the architectural space. We include budget estimates for the project and a schedule of activities.


Stage 2. Executive project

We prepare the general project concept and its theme. We structure the specific educational program with the content’s underlying pedagogical theories. We develop the exhibition design and we design the main elements of the graphic and institutional identity.


Stage 3. Production

We produce the museum content, exhibition design, and spaces. We manage and supervise the architectural space, ensuring compliance with technical recommendations.


Stage 4. Installation and Implementation

We install the exhibition design elements in the finished space. We make the necessary operational and/or technical adjustments and conduct tests. We train personnel and define basic advertising and marketing concepts.


Stage 5. Follow up

We follow up on the project for a specified period of time, in order to guarantee optimum operation and performance of the site and its components. In consequence, we give our clients complete confidence that they will meet desired results.