Our company specializes in creating public spaces where people can gather and enjoy themselves in an unforgettable learning environment. We are convinced that interactivity is a valuable tool that helps people build knowledge and effectively attracts audiences that are seeking these types of experiences.

We bring our experience on conceptualization and holistic development of public spaces to clients in state and local governments, local and foreign museums, trusts, businessmen and charity foundations that want to contribute to social development in Mexico and the world.

Sietecolores is made up of a premier team of professionals with over twenty years of experience creating and operating spaces for learning and enjoyment.

Our energy and passion comes from our fundamental belief that education is a key driver of change in communities to achieve sustainable development in society.

Our mission

To create cultural spaces where people enjoy themselves as they interact with science, technology, and art, while having unforgettable experiences that foster the individual and collective growth of their visitors.

Our vision

To become the leading company in Mexico in the creation of interactive museums and learning spaces, earning our client’s total trust and achieving complete satisfaction of our work.

Our values

  • High-quality results
  • Social responsibility
  • Commitment to high-quality education
  • Innovation and diversity
  • Being true to our own values
  • Creativity
  • Sustainability
  • Teamwork