Our company specializes in creating public spaces where people can gather and enjoy themselves in an unforgettable learning environment. We are convinced that interactivity is a valuable tool that helps people acquire knowledge and effectively attracts audiences that are seeking these types of experiences.

We bring our experience on conceptualization and holistic development of public spaces to clients in state and local governments, local and foreign museums, trusts, businessmen and charity foundations that want to contribute to Mexico social development.

sietecolores is made up of a premier team of professionals with over twenty years of experience creating and operating spaces for learning and enjoyment.

Our energy and passion comes from our fundamental belief that education is a key driver of change in communities
to achieve sustainable development in society.


We have over twenty years of experience working in this field. We’ve developed over 50 national and international projects including, 17 museums throughout Mexico, 12 large-scale travelling exhibits, traveling museums, pavilions at international fairs, parks and aquarium projects.

Our experience also includes operating – for 18 years – one of the world’s leading interactive family spaces: Papalote • Museo del Niño (Papalote Children’s Museum).

We are at the forefront of educational theories, research into content, exhibition design and innovative technological developments. Millions of visitors can speak for to the operational viability and interactive brilliance of our spaces.

Some specific examples include:

Papalote • Museo del Niño (Papalote Children’s Museum), Papalote Traveling Museum (Papalote Mobile Museum), Papalote • Verde (Children’s Museum) in Monterrey, Mundo Futbol y Salón de la Fama (Football World and Hall of Fame) in Pachuca; Bebeleche Museo Interactivo (Bebeleche Interactive Museum) in Durango; Laberinto de las Ciencias y las Artes (Labyrinth of Science and Arts) in San Luis Potosí; Museo Interactivo Papagayo (Papagayo Interactive Museum) in Villahermosa; El Trompo Museo Interactivo (El Trompo Interactive Museum) in Tijuana; La Avispa Museo Interactivo (La Avispa Interactive Museum) in Chilpancingo and more.

Travelling exhibits: La Neta del Planeta (Global truth); Mexico Festival of Toys; Viva el Agua (Long live water); El Ábaco (Abacus); Qué Rico Pan (Lovely bread); Con las Manos en la Masa (Fingers in the pie); Del Trueque al Cheque (Bartering and cash); Al que Come y Salta… Salud no le Falta (Health comes to those who are active and eat up), and more.

Pavilions: Mexico’s Pavilion at the World’s Fair in Hannover (Germany).

Executive project and architectural direction for Mexico City’s Bicentenary Park 2010 in the ex-Refinery “18 de marzo”, and the master plan for Mexico’s National Aquarium.

Integral project to rescue Mexico City’s Bosque de Chapultepec park (Sections I and II). We developed and successfully implemented the master plan and led the fundraising campaign from 2004 to 2008.


We know our target audiences: children of all ages, schools, teachers, and families. We know their needs and expectations.

We offer advice to our clients on setting up trusts, governance boards, and establishing inter-institutional links.

We have years of fund-raising experience, where we have reached ambitious targets to finance, and launch multiple museum projects in which we have been involved. We ultimately know how to make public spaces financially self-sufficient.


Our leadership has helped us build exceptionally strong networks in the world of culture, exhibition design, and entertainment, with suppliers, designers, professionals, local governments, media, mexican and international museums, with the scientific and artistic communities, schools, teachers and educators, donors and sponsors.

We’ve worked hand in hand with Mexico’s top architectural firms: Ricardo and Victor Legorreta, Abraham Zabludovsky, Javier Sordo Madaleno, Mario Schjetnan, Jorge Vázquez del Mercado, and Iñaqui Echeverria.


We work closely with our clients from day one to the start of operations and admission of the first guests. Along our projects we support all aspects of the development, launch and operation of the space; and remain at our client’s side to provide any necessary support. That’s our model and it is how we guarantee our work.