A great team of talented collaborators


Maribel Ibarra


Executive Director

She has been responsible of the concept-creation, design, production, and assembly of over 50 permanent, temporary, and travelling museum projects. She has built and managed multidisciplinary teams that include advisers, researchers, artists, designers, museum professionals, architects, communicators, and educators, among other professionals.

She has an eighteen-year experience in the creation and operation of learning spaces. During this time, she has established partnerships with several professionals and theoreticians in the museum field that have enriched her professional experience.

She holds a BA in Industrial Design from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and a MA in Museums from Universidad Iberoamericana.

Guillermo Loza Trejo

Guillermo Loza Trejo

Director of Projects

He is an expert in procurement, management and coordination of museum projects. He has broad experience in planning and coordinating the production process of projects, as well as in  team management. He has a twenty-year experience in the museum field.

He holds a BA in Industrial Design from  Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and a Diploma in Small and Medium Enterprises Management from ITAM.

José Luis González Escárcega


Operations Manager

He has more than twenty years of experience in interactive museum operations, including personnel recruiting, selection and training. He has also developed the organizational structure of different museums, as well as programs for museum guides and volunteers.

Executive Director of Papalote Children’s Travelling Museum for 10 years, more recently he worked as the National Coordinator for the Civil Council for Quality in Education, a joint venture between the academic, public, private and non-profit sectors seeking an improvement in Mexico’s education system. He holds a Degree in Law Graduate from Mexico’s National Autonomous University, and a diploma in Art Administration from Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana,


José Manuel Olivo Torres


Administration Manager

He is certified as a Public Accountant by Mexico’s National Autonomous University, with a major in Auditing and a diploma in Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements. He has thirty years of experience in Administration, Budgets, Financial Planning, Auditing, Finances and Treasury in the petrochemical sector.

Throughout the years, he has taken different courses from ITAM,  the Accounting Society and  Centro Mascarones at the National Autonomous University.

Matías Pintó D’Lacoste



Architect with more than twenty years of professional experience, and who graduated with honors  from Universidad Central de Venezuela. He has collaborated in exhibit installations, as well as art events through a series of multimedia installations and scenographic elements. He specializes in museographic projects and exhibit architecture.

In 1996, he won the national contest for the development of the Venezuela Pabillion in the Lisboa World Fair. In 2001, he carried out the World Bank pilot project for the physical habilitation of marginal neighborhoods in Venezuela. Since 2006, he has developed several projects with Empty, SL.

The diversity of his work can be seen in numerous publications, exhibitions, art presentations and events, architecture, and urbanism.


lag_ibera (20)copy

Within the Passeiformes order and member to the Tyrant Flycatcher family, we find the beautiful Many-colored rush tyrant or Sietecolores in Spanish (Tachuris rubigastra). A small bird, it is only 10.5 cm long. The upper part of its head is black, with a spot of red, and a yellow line that goes from its beak to the nape. A blackish blue surrounds its eyes and auriculars. Its throat is white, turning to yellow in the breast, which is also divided by an incomplete black strip toward the center. Its mantle is a shade of bronzed dark green. Its upper coverts are gray, with a red vent. Its wings are brownish gray, with a white border that creates a wide transversal line. Its tail is black, with a white tip. It has a thin beak and black feet. Its eyes are light blue. The female has subtler colors.